The healthcare of tomorrow is here, and we at eHealth by Sigma are already developing it. Healthcare is an area that will undergo major changes, thanks to the great potential offered through digital transformation. eHealth by Sigma helps you get started and make rapid progress, developing strategies and digital solutions for better resource utilisation, patient experience and quality of care.


Healthcare will be greatly affected by digital transformation and will undergo major changes over the next 20 years. Intelligent applications create completely new prerequisites and opportunities to improve healthcare, while patient safety, digital sustainability and efficiency increases, and better utilisation of resources is established.

Intelligent applications and solutions provide great opportunities for transforming the healthcare process, which in turn creates value at all levels for patients, their relatives, healthcare professionals and society at large. This makes it possible to achieve sustainable cost controls with improved quality for health care. Through systematic approaches and the implementation of intelligent applications, unit cost can be reduced. This will be the basis for matching tomorrow's growing care needs with today's resources. Digital transformation is happening so fast now, that in the coming years there will be new revolutionary solutions, we can’t even imagine today.

Finally, a healthcare environment for the future provides a solid base for a whole new ecosystem of innovators and entrepreneurs in eHealth, which, in the long run, will open up new growth and export opportunities for businesses around the world.

Strategy, Innovation & Concept

What position do you want in tomorrow's healthcare? We can help you meet tomorrow's challenges and make them part of your business. We make sure that smart ideas flourish and create new opportunities for you.

Preliminary studies, guidance & co-design

Utilise and take advice from Sigma’s specialists to research user experience, solve problems, prototype solutions, or make progress with eHealth.

Integration with national or regional health services

Through our deep technical expertise, we can help you integrate your products and services with national or regional eHealth programmes.

Tomorrow's innovation solutions

Our specialists can help you identify, prototype and develop innovative solutions for the healthcare of tomorrow.

Implementation & application management

We can help you with the implementation, management and optimisation of intelligent applications.

Change management

Sigma's change management specialists help you implement new processes and solutions, to ensure maximum utilisation and efficiency.

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Director eHealth by Sigma
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Sales Manager Northern Sweden
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Sales Manager Mid & Southern Sweden
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Managing Director – Sigma UK
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Centers for remote check-ups for RJH

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