eHealth by Sigma has helped Jämtland Härjedalen Healthcare Region build virtual emergency rooms; where patients can be examined and diagnosed by a doctor located elsewhere, using IoT and online technology, using these emergency rooms.

Customer background and needs
The Region's ambition is to offer equal treatment to patients in the rural area. However, the Region, like all regions in the rural area, has challenges in attracting doctors to the places that need them. This has led the Region to hire doctors on a short term basis, which has resulted in high costs.

The solution we built
Sigma, together with the Region, has developed a solution of virtual emergency rooms. The patients come to their health center in Sveg, Funäsdalen or Hede, where they meet a nurse who assesses the care needed for the patients. If there is a need for a doctor's visit, a doctor is contacted remotely from an emergency room, and with the help of different types of sensors and cameras on the instruments, the doctor may, for example, examine ears and heart, advise on further treatment and prescribe medication. Everything is documented in the same way as a traditional medical visit, works every day of the week and in collaboration with ambulance staff and the care staff of Härjedalen Municipality. Everyone involved works in the same way. An important focus of the project has been to maintain the highest medical safety for the patient, and at the same time keeping it simple and convenient for the staff to handle the new solution, in order for it to be fully used.

The result achieved through our solution
The Region today does not need to hire supply doctors for all health centers in the rural area. Yet, one can now provide safe and equal care to patients, whether they live in Funäsdalen or in Östersund.