In order to improve the efficiency and quality of care, eHealth by Sigma built an IoT platform for Ă–stersund Municipality.

Customer background and needs
Östersund Municipality has a vision: the elderly shall have better health and increased quality of life by focusing on, and increasing the knowledge about, each individual. Many times, the opportunity to stay at home longer, both increases the quality of life for the individual, as well as provides a more efficient use of resources for the municipality.

The municipality wanted to explore, in an innovative way, how sensors can create a safer environment for the elderly, in which the correct efforts are introduced at the right time, simultaneously as the individual is given a higher quality of life and increased self-determination.

The solution we built
Sigma's proposal for an open IoT platform created an ecosystem that addressed a number of needs and challenges in healthcare. The platform manages different sensors and can thus meet the needs of alarm management, health parametres, and linking health data that can be used by different care professionals based on their specific tasks. Data can be consumed in apps, through websites or business analysis tools, and can be expanded when the business grows and new needs arise.

The result achieved through our solution
By using an open IoT platform, the municipality will have the opportunity to work innovatively and add technology, as required, to address their needs. Working with a platform that is open and shaped by users helps to avoid isolated systems. Now, it is possible to extract data and integrate this into the digital workplace based on the what an employee needs. This is an important success factor in the digital care of the future.