eHealth by Sigma has developed the cloud solution and associated IT solutions for Coala Heart Monitor.

Customer background and needs
Coala Life is a medical technology company focused on cardiac diagnostics and mobile health. Coala Heart Monitor is a patented technology and a commercial solution for remote monitoring and self-screening of heart sounds and ECG. When the solution was to be developed, Coala Life chose Sigma as a strategic partner for the development of cloud solutions and related IT solutions.

The solution we built

Coala Life has developed the technology, together with prominent researchers, cardiologists and collaborators, and we at Sigma have been involved in the development work.

Coala Heart Monitor detects heart sounds, ECG and heart rate quickly and easily through advanced membranes, by placing it on the heart for 30 seconds, followed by a reference ECG measurement on the thumb. Heart sound analysis and ECG is performed in real time in the cloud, based on algorithms. In just a few seconds, the user will know the condition of the heart, in order for any symptoms to be detected in time.

The result achieved through our solution
Coala Life has launched its Coala Heart Monitor on the market and was awarded the eHealth Award 2017 at Vitalis, the Nordic region's leading eHealth exhibition.