We at eHealth by Sigma develop the healthcare of tomorrow. Digital transformation makes many changes possible, and we at eHealth by Sigma help our customers with eHealth strategies, developing digital solutions for better resource utilization and quality of care, implementation of solutions, change management and much more.


Sigma is contributing to the welfare of our society. We believe that by leveraging the great potential of digital transformation, we can use healthcare resources more effectively, create more equal care and increase care quality.

It's a brand new era now, where digital footprints reflect how people interact with each other, and we move from a world where we have to understand computers to a world where the computers understand us and our intent, and can give us information proactively, based on that understanding.

Intelligent systems and digital sustainability will provide the foundation for involving patients to achieve a better service experience and better results, strengthening the care teams for increased productivity and efficiency, improving clinical quality and effectiveness through advanced analysis, as well as transforming the healthcare process through smart devices and buildings.

The goal of the Swedish government is to be world leading in eHealth in 2025. With the help of eHealth, the individual is put at the center, healthcare businesses develop, and care can be more equal, efficient, accessible and safe. This is called Vision eHealth 2025. We at Sigma will help Sweden to reach that goal.

Improve clinical quality and process effectiveness

With the help of innovative solutions and advanced analysis, we are involved in creating improved clinical quality and more efficient processes.

Transform the healthcare process

With the help of smart devices and intelligent systems, we create valuable insights into the care process; this can help improve results for the patient and create operational efficiency.

Engage patients

With the help of digital solutions, we engage the patient, create a better service experience and ultimately provide better results for the patient.

Strengthen the healthcare teams

We develop and create solutions that provide care teams with increased productivity and efficiency.


Sigma is an independent partner that ensures that you, as our customer, always get the best solution based on your specific needs. Our partners are market leaders in their respective areas.