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eHealth by Sigma is a specialist unit within Sigma that creates solutions for the healthcare of tomorrow. We bring our specialist knowledge and innovation to support partners across the healthcare sector; public and private caregivers, entrepreneurs within eHealth solutions and traditional IT and application providers.

Engage patients

With the help of digital solutions, we engage the patient, create a better service experience and ultimately provide better results for them.

Strengthen the healthcare teams

We develop and create solutions that provide care teams with increased productivity and efficiency.

Improve clinical quality and process effectiveness

With the help of innovative solutions and advanced analysis, we are involved in creating improved clinical quality and or more efficient processes.

Transform the healthcare process

With the help of smart devices and intelligent systems, we create valuable insights into the care process that can help improve results for the patient and create operational efficiency.
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Remote check-up centers for Jämtland Härjedalen Healthcare Region

A solution for remote heart monitoring

Coala Life has developed the Coala Heart Monitor, for remote monitoring and self-screening of heart sounds and ECG. Sigma has a strategic partner role and developed the cloud and associated IT solutions. Read more